Backpack Buddy Success


The First Year of the Summer Backpack Buddy Program involved three schools in Winfield, WV.

52 Students from 23 different families received 198 ‘Backpacks’ during the Summer Break.


The Summer Backpack Buddy Program expanded to include all schools in the Putnam County West Virginia System. 

463 Students from 225 different families received 1,726 ‘Backpacks’ during the Summer Break.

The first Community Packing Day was held where 300+ community members came out to support the students in need.


The Summer Backpack Program expanded again.  The Program again served all of the schools in Putnam County and expanded into three additional West Virginia counties, Boone, Cabell, and Kanawha (Western) Counties.

1,171 Students in 40 West Virginia schools received a total of 3,575 ‘Backpacks’.

Three Community Packing Days were held in which 550+ Volunteers turned out to help students in need in their community.


The Summer Program continued to expand into additional schools in the four West Virginia Counties served by the Program. 

1,361 Students from 722 families in 70 West Virginia schools received support 4,605 ‘Backpacks’.

2017 and beyond

The growth of the Program is only limited by the imagine and work of those passionate about 'Supporting Students In Need'.