How Backpack Buddy Helps

Summer Focus

For many years, community organizations have provided nutritional supplements to underprivileged Students on Friday afternoons during the school year so that the Students will have food available to them over the weekend.  Now with the Summer Backpack Buddy Program, the participating communities are able to support the Students during the summer as well.

Who Is Helped

No Students who ask for assistance, regardless of their believed economic situation, is denied assistance.  However, Students who receive Backpacks during the School Year will be the focus for enrollment in the Summer Program.

To participate, a Participation Form has to be completed & signed by the Students Parent or Guardian.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance.  Beside the key contact person at each School, only a few select individuals have access to the participation List.

How The Students Are Helped

Due to the rural nature of our area and the economic situation of the families/students, the Summer Program uses the United States Post Office to deliver boxes of food and personal care products to the participating Students home.  These boxes are shipped to the participating Students every two weeks during the summer.

What Is Delivered

The Summer Program provides a variety of food types for the Program participants.  Vegetables, fruits, pasta, oatmeal, and cereal bars are among the foods in the boxes.  The size of the participating family, will determine the type and number of boxes they receive. 

Along with the boxes of food, the Program also provides a Personal Care box in the week before the start of school.  The Personal Care Box includes soap, shampoo, dental items, and brushes/nail clippers.

Personal Improvement / Encouragement

Each Backpack Box that is shipped, contains an informational flier covering topics such as:

  • Eating Healthy                   
  • Importance of Exercising
  • Importance of Staying in School   
  • Bully Prevention
  • Available Community Services     
  • Internet Awareness
  • College & Vocational Education Information

Detailed Information

We would be glad to walk through the Program in detail.  Please contact Doug at for more details about the specific operation of the Program.